Solution development

At Robicue we do not just develop software, we develop solutions. We are pleased to have a talk with you to help you find out which software solution best matches with your business requirements.

Out of the box

Not your typical development partner. If we think something can be solved without new software, we will let you know. Sometimes work can just be made easier by using less or reusing what you already have. We strive to see your business growing by taking advantage of digital innovations instead of spending money to expensive and time consuming development when this is not necessary for your scenario.

Secure by design

We are experienced in the field of cyber security. Some of us have been ethical hackers in the past or know how hackers think. In every line of code that we write, we try to maximize security to protect your assets and your privacy.




Want to get rid of those boring, repetitive, expensive and time consuming tasks?

Contact us! We will decrease those superfluous mouse clicks and automate difficult tasks that are error prone, so you and your team can focus on what is really important for your business.


User experience

You do not need to be a car engineer to drive a car, why then be a computer nerd to get simple things done? At Robicue we believe that software is not about computers but about people. We make our software in such a way that it becomes easy and fun to use.

We do this by talking with the people that will use our software. We like to listen to what exactly is needed to add that next 'byte' of enjoyment in our products.


Cyber Security

Security is a top priority for us because we believe that good software should feel like a nice and strong home: private, safe and comfortable.

This means that we implement essential security controls and test our software thoroughly before each new release.


Hi, my name is Dieter!

I am a full time IT Security Consultant and Certified Ethical Hacker. My available time I use to work as freelancer for Robicue.

my passion is to inspire people with ingenious IT solutions

Below you can disover some of the projects I have worked on. If you need a customized software solution for your own business you can contact me at

Creative applications

In 2019 I finished the core of the Artwork Engine. This packet makes it possible to compose music and created advanced and fluent animation movies through coding. The coding happens in a special language I developed myself. It is an object oriented language that can be compiled very fast by the engine. The language is very customizable and focuses on fast development with minimal coding. No user interface is available yet for the software, but the automatic rendering after file changes makes it very easy to use with any code editor.

Also visible in the video above is an Android game I developed with my own designed main character. Yes, it is a fat super hero with glasses.

Freelance software

Multiple times I have experimented with software that takes a different approach to the way we work today. In the video you can see a platform that can be used to find people for small tasks. The platform is mainly ment for contractors that want to find a skilled person that can do a task for them at a fair price. It also is a good platform for people searching for some paid work that they will enjoy to do.

Since it is an experiment the application has not been finished, but we are always happy to see investors that want to revive the project.

If you are interested contact us at

Management tools

I love to make life easier with software. Some time ago I developed an advanced planning tool to keep track of tasks, restaurants, movies, shopping lists and everything else that I do not want to forget. Today the software has been extended a lot and is used at Robicue for keeping track of orders and generating invoices. The tool also has a built-in flow chart editor which can be seen in the video.

Since security has always been a top priority for me, I have chosen to implement zero knowledge storage. This way we want to lower the risk of personal data from the tool that can leak on the server. Every user using the tool has its own secret key to decrypt the information after it is loaded on the authorized client device.